Middle Back Pain Causes And Treatments

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Middle back pain is not as common as lower or upper back pain but it can be just as painful and debilitating. The intensity of the pain can also range from mild to severe and can be temporary or chronic. Having said that middle back pain is usually treatable and any pain manageable either through drugs or therapy.

In most cases middle back problems are caused by muscle strains from picking up or moving heavy weights. However they can also be caused by physical trauma like an accident and in some cases it may be a spinal problem that causes the pain.

The middle back is made up of 12 vertebrae and is the strongest and most stable portion of the back, however it can be affected by spinal problems like slipped discs or a herniated disc.

If you do have problems with your middle back the first place to go is your doctor or chiropractor. They should be able to discover what is causing the pain, whether it is a muscular problem or something a bit more serious. Herniated discs and slipped discs can usually be diagnosed with an x-ray and treatment given accordingly.

Muscular middle back pain is usually treated with medications and an exercise regime. Most of the painkillers are over the counter treatments like painkillers and sometimes muscle relaxants. In severe pain the doctor or chiropractor may prescribe something a bit stronger.

With muscular pain it is usually recommended to take moderate exercise so you do not stiffen up and make the problem worse, bed rest is not recommended for more than a couple of days. Easy exercise and stretching is recommended to help loosen and strengthen the back muscles. Massage may also be recommended for loosening up strained muscles and can be very beneficial at times.

Whatever treatment your doctor or chiropractor recommend you should also think about the long term health of you back and start a back strengthening regime for it. Do a few exercises daily to help strengthen the muscles and your back should be fine for years to come.

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