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Do You Have Thoracic Back Pain?

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Thoracic Back Pain Causes

Most of the time it is unusual for a person to suffer disc problems that are located in the middle and upper back, but thoracic back pains can at times be very painful and can be caused by a number of different medical conditions. When you feel pain such as this, it usually means there’s something going on in your insides and the pain is the only way for your body to alert you to the problem.

When people who are suffering from chronic pain, that lasts for more than a month, they could have a thoracic herniated disc, slipped disc or maybe it could be signs of a degenerative disc disease. If it’s any one of the mentioned problems then it’s fairly easy for your doctor to diagnose it with an x-ray.

Thoracic back pain originates in an area situated at the center of the spine. It’s made up of twelve vertebrae that are constructed along the middle of the back, at a point where the rib cage meets. The uppermost 9 vertebrae are connected in front and form a layer of protection. The three in the bottom while they too provide protection, but are not connected and permit movement of fluids.

There are times when a person who is suffering from thoracic back pain, is not related to bones. It could be related to the large muscles in the back.

Internal illnesses can also be the culprit of the pain. These include bowel problems, IBS, constipation and upper back pain, kidney problems and bladder infections.

Thoracic Back Pain Treatment

Now before you start to treat this problem with any type of medication, you need to determine what the actual source of the pain is. You don’t want to cover up the real problem with some type of drug or treatment plan. That could be covering up a much more serious health problem.

If the cause is an injury, then seek treatment immediately. A blunt force trauma can also be the cause of back pain. Injuries of this type should need to be examined and treated as soon as possible. Any sort of injury to the mid of the spine can lead to many complications. A quick and good diagnosis can lead to faster recovery.

A problem with the digestive tract such as constipation can also cause a cute thoracic back pain. Cardiac is another problem that could be transferring that pain to the middle portion of the back. It may be caused at times by the upper back muscles being oddly used or even be a result of bad posture in the center of the lumbar region, or lower back the middle and upper back can also be affected. Massage therapy at home can be very effective for treating such muscular pain.

Thoracic Back Pain Relief Exercises

There are some treatments that work really good. Stretching exercises can help to reduce the intensity of thoracic back pain. You must find the root cause of the pain though as this is of utmost importance. Once you really understand the cause, then the treatment can then center on that cause, which will help relieve the pain and keep it from coming back.

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