Herniated Disc C5 C6–Causes and Treatment

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What is a herniated disc?

A disc is made up of two components. One is the centre and the other is the outer ring. When a disc comes under pressure, its central part tears out of its protective outer ring. A disc in this state is called herniated disc, ruptured disc, protruded disc, bulged disc, prolapsed disc and slipped disc. It presses against the nerve root located close to it and causes unbearable pain.backpain-woman-couch.jpg

What is herniated disc C5-C6?

The vertebral column has 23 discs. The part of the spinal column that deals with the neck area, called cervical spine, consists of seven discs. Each one of them is named with the letter C followed by its placement in the descending order. Thus we have disc C5-C6.

Causes of the herniated disc C5 C6

Herniated C5-C6 disc is usually caused by several factors. They are injury from accident or fall, sports related activities, deterioration due to ageing, sleeping with more than one pillow under the neck, twisting or bending the neck beyond endurance, etc. All these activities exert a lot of strain on the cervical spine.

Treatment of herniated C5-C6

Treatment of the herniated C5-C6 depends upon the nature of injury it has suffered. If the injury is simple, it can be treated at home by do-it-yourself methods. Some of these are:

1. Massage

You can gently massage the affected area with balm. It is likely to relax the surrounding muscles and tissues. You can also ask your friend to do it.

2. Ice packs

Put the   ice on the painful area and allow it to stay for 10-15 minutes until you feel a numbness, which is another word for having no sensation of pain. Repeat this process every one or two hours.

3. Hot treatment

You may use hot water bottle on the skin. The heat dilates the nerves and tissues and allows more blood with oxygen to rush in. Hot treatment can thus speed up the healing process.

If these methods fail to bring relief, consult your specialist.

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